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Born and raised en el magico valle (Edinburg TX) graduated puro Bobcat. Grew up listening to Tejano groups such as; La Mafia, La Sombra, Joe Lopez y Grupo Mazz, Laura Canales and Pio Treviño just to name a few. Been with this awesome station 10yrs and still counting. On the side I enjoy doing mobile DJing. Have my own show every Sunday morning at 9am. I can honestly say I love to support new artist en la onda tejana such as; Ricky Valnez, Gabriel Zavala, Sarah Monique, Jimencio Castillon, Stefani Montiel, Siggno and my favorite Elida Reyna. Love also stepping out of my comfort zone and listen to; Intocable, Solido, Pesado, Ramon Ayala, Zamorales and Duelo. A talented young lady (Selena) once said; “the taste of the new audience will have an effect on the Tejano style.”

Jerry Delarosa
PNTMA Member-At-Large

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